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Take charge of your menopause

John Sunyecz, MD
Founder, MenopauseRx
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I've noticed marked improvement

Dr. Kelly Skovira
Doctor of Nursing Practice
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Warmi research is
very encouraging

Jonathan Wright, MD
Editor, Nutrition and Healing
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Take charge of your menopause.

By John Sunyecz, MD
Board Certified OB/GYN, Pharmacist and Founder of MenopauseRx


As a menopause specialist I am often asked to review natural supplements. There are plenty of natural options available so I can understand the difficulty one may have in choosing. Most natural supplements for menopause contain either black cohosh, soy, ginseng, red clover, dong quai or their extracts. I recently learned of a new supplement that didn’t contain any of these ingredients. I was intrigued and decided to learn more about it. This natural supplement called “Warmi” contains vegetable and fruit extracts, from Peru. The vegetable is believed to have been eaten by Incan women 700 years ago.

I reviewed the Warmi research. There are three clinical trials completed but not published on the product. It appears to offer the hot flash, cold sweat and mood swing relief I’ve found with better natural menopause remedies. But there are additional benefits. Research suggests it supports the cardiovascular system and bone resorption markers. That’s important because heart and bone health typically decline with the onset of menopause. And patients in the Warmi studies noted several sexuality improvements, including enhanced arousal, satisfaction and orgasm frequency as well as less vaginal dryness and intercourse discomfort. Overall, Warmi users reported better overall quality of life and sexual quality of life.*

Warmi is the first menopause supplement I’ve seen comprised largely of organic ingredients. Organic ingredients are grown without persistent pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), sewage sludge or irradiation. This supplement may be especially appropriate for those with food allergies or sensitive systems. Warmi contains no estrogen, isoflavones, soy, gluten, wheat, milk, eggs, lactose or animal products. It was well tolerated by patients in clinical research.

How this product works is being studied. Some researchers believe Warmi has a weak estrogenic effect but with no adverse effect on cellular proliferation. The vegetable and fruit extracts contain “good” chemicals such as glucosinates, beta-sitosterol and hesperidin. Beta-sitosterol is a plant sterol which is widely recommended for cholesterol management and immune support. Hesperdin, a citrus bioflavonoid, and glucosinates are generally believed to be nutrient protectors for the body with benefits noted for inflammation, cardiovascular health and bone metabolism. *

No adverse side effects have been reported in the Warmi studies and the supplement appears to work within weeks. Patients reported significant improvement in many areas after just a month, improving with continued use.

I find Warmi to be credible and unique. I recommend it to my patients.

I've noticed marked improvement

By Dr. Kelly Skovira
Doctor of Nursing Practice

As a nurse practitioner treating menopausal women, I know what they are going through because I am a menopause survivor myself. Every woman’s experience is different, but the struggle can be long and very distressing. Mine has lasted 5 years and it’s not over yet. For me, the biggest problem has been night sweats that disrupt my sleep, and make me tired, irritated, and stressed. It is a viscous cycle that 75% of my menopausal patients experience.

I have been looking for something that could help me “be me” again. As a clinician I follow The American College of Ob/Gyn (ACOG) recommendations. Most of the menopause remedies I’ve tried either didn’t work or had unwanted side effects.

I decided to try Warmi because the clinical data sounded promising and frankly, I had nothing to lose. After just three weeks on Warmi I’ve noticed marked improvement with my night sweats. I am sleeping better and starting to feel more like myself again, with improvement in discomfort frequency and less fatigue. Warmi is easy to take and has been free of any side effects. I plan to keep on taking it myself, and have encouraged my patients to try it, too. Warmi is a great natural option for women like myself who want to get their life back.*

Thanks, Warmi!

Warmi research is very encouraging

By Jonathan Wright, MD
Medical Director, Tahoma Clinic and Editor, Nutrition and Healing

At Tahoma Clinic, we’ve focused on optimal health and prevention and treatment of conditions with research-proven and clinically effective natural substances and energies since 1973. Nearly every week, we receive one or more such item to review. “Warmi”—a botanical with centuries of use to relieve symptoms of menopause—was one of those.

We’ve worked with literally thousands of women during and after the menopause. We are of course interested in relief or elimination of symptoms of menopause with natural substances. The already-completed research we reviewed about “Warmi” is very encouraging.

In a double-blind study of 122 women, “Warmi” was shown to decrease common subjective symptoms and objective signs, including mood, hot flashes, intercourse discomfort and vaginal dryness. “Warmi” also improved common sexual symptoms such as lack of interest, fantasy, arousal, satisfaction and orgasm frequency. Laboratory evaluation demonstrated increased estradiol to the high-normal range for postmenopausal women, small but significant decreases in total cholesterol (9-12%), LDL (14-15%), and triglycerides (11%) with a slight increase in HDL by almost 6%. Other lab improvements were noted too.*

We anticipate working with and observing the results of “Warmi” for menopausal women at Tahoma Clinic.

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Warmi provides better menopause relief, safely and naturally.  It is comprised of a patent-pending blend of vegetable and fruit extracts that are 85% organic and 100% vegetarian. These extracts are rich in glucosinates, beta-sitosterol and hesperidin.   Warmi goes beyond hot flash and night sweat relief.  In a clinical trial of 122 women, Warmi also enhanced hormonal balance, mood, cardiovascular and bone health, vaginal dryness and intercourse discomfort -- even overall quality of life.   Many benefits were noted in just 30 days.*